The Steril-Sil Company

Condiment and silverware dispensing for the foodservice industry

Steril-Sil General Information Video

The Steril-Sil General Information video gives a fast overview of the company while calling out the key product lines.  It's a quick way to get to know who we are.

Did you know that we invented the silverware cylinder? That includes stainless steel, Nylon and colored plastic cylinders. And almost 80 years later, we are still innovating. The E1 Silverware Handling System saves an operator labor. The HKS series cantilever dispenser is a simple and elegant design making then an instant hit. And the colored RP-25 series silverware cylinders are popular with a wide variety of customers.

We continue to evolve our product line to keep up with industry changes all while serving the niche that we've created, silverware handling.