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About the E1 Silverware Handling System

Silverware has been one of the most inefficiently handled items in a commercial food service operation.  The E1 Silverware Handling System changes that.  It saves labor by handling more silverware with less effort saving valuable labor time and creates a more organized kitchen while keeping your silverware cleaner.

The E1 System drop-in silverware basket handles six cylinders at one time. It’s ability to be used throughout the entire silverware handling cycle is what creates great efficiency. The speed at which silverware is handled through soaking, washing, storage, transporting and recharging is greatly increased saving labor and just as important, creates a safer and more organized dishroom and kitchen.

Whether the application is new construction or an existing operation, adaptation of the E1 System is fast and simple. Because of its flexibility, it can save labor at any step in the silverware cycle.  Incorporation of the system in an existing process can be achieved in a variety of ways and at many different steps in an operation.  The ability to be creative with the system is just one of its many great features.

The E1 System is fresh and innovative and by implementing the system into an operation, the operation becomes better.  The system is simple to implement and easy to use with little to no training required.  Incorporate the E1 System to create a more efficient and organized operation.

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Click on the brochure image at the right to read more about the E1 Silverware Handling System.  It's a great reference tool to learn about the dispensing options, the available inserts, the sorting tables and even what you need for different sized operations when designing a new system.

The E1 System will save you time while creating a cleaner and more organized facility.