The Steril-Sil Company

Condiment and silverware dispensing for the foodservice industry

Steril-Sil History

Steril-Sil was founded by Edward A. Stiller in 1938 on a new concept to the foodservice industry, silverware dispensing products.  Steril-Sil is the originator of the silverware cylinder which to this day is the industry and world-wide standard.  The silverware cylinder and the original TC-4 countertop dispenser were the company's first products.  After 78+ years, Edward Stiller's 1938 silverware cylinder design and countertop dispensers are still in wide use.

As a continued thought leader in the industry, Steril-Sil was one of the first manufacturers to introduce the use of nylon plastic to the foodservice equipment industry. Heavy-duty, injection-molded nylon cylinders soon became the industry standard. One-piece, deep-drawn stainless steel silverware cylinders joined our line in 1958 and are still the foodservice industry's premium cylinder.

The E1 Silverware Handling System was introduced at the 2013 NAFEM Show.  It is the next evolution in silverware handling greatly saving an operator labor.  The system addresses every stage in the silverware handling cycle saving labor along every stage while creating a safer and more organized working environment.  The product line continues to expand and currently includes several different dispensers, carts and more.

In 2014, after spending 76 years in Boston, the Steril-Sil headquarters moved to Mohnton, PA where we continue to innovate and create unique, good looking, interesting and well built products. The 2016 Price List has 38 new products and we have new products constantly in development.

For over 78 years, we have never wavered from the commitment of providing the highest quality equipment.  Our products are made in the Northeast and distributed through a large network of equipment dealers throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. Warehouse stock is maintained on all countertop items for immediate shipment.

For more information, visit the Contact Us page and call or email to talk with one of our helpful staff members.  We look forward to serving you.